Is reading a good book one of your favorite pastimes? Do you love to write? This is my journey… can it help you fulfill your dream?

Virginia Tell is a Faulkner-Wisdom competition short-list finalist for BORNE FROM THE CUTOFF and GEORGE, and a finalist for LIFE ON HOLD

Novels, Nonfiction, and Ghostwriting

Whether it’s writing a Southern novel, a scathing book of nonfiction, or an inspirational book as a ghost—Virginia’s done it.

Scripts for Special Events and Videos

Pictures and videos—more than words can convey.

Conquering the Query Monster

Stephen King once said he papered a whole wall with rejection letters. Virginia could have papered her whole house!

Virginia Tell

Writer and Warrior Sampson over the Query Monster

About Virginia

In the beginning, Virginia worked on novels only as time permitted. She wrote for television and radio, and soon started getting requests for magazine ghostwriting. Then a public relations firm needed help with marketing pieces for various clients. Those parts of her business were so well received that soon she was also writing scripts for major corporate events and videos, and successful grant applications for nonprofits. Click here for the whole story.

When we needed an experienced writer for high-profile client events, Virginia was recommended as a person who could help us capture the spirit and tone of each individual client. Now she writes for all of our projects, whether it’s speeches, strategic plans, news releases, or brochures.

Virginia listened. She became a great resource for turning out excellent work, and the feedback she provided for improving our own writing was invaluable. She has a calm and logical method of sharing, teaching, and executing that is a great asset to all of us. We can’t speak highly enough of her professionalism and skills.

The MWA Public Relations Team