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Soon to be completed:  Delusions of the HUMAN Kind.  When an automobile accident leaves Ma’am teetering between life and death, the troubled WRITER must deal with the challenges and inner demons that plague her.  The disembodied spirit of slave George comes in answer to her prayers for help to FINISH a BOOK about his plantation home, and unveils the character and integrity of a tortured soul who, unlike Ma’am, learns how to use life’s tragedies to become a better man.  The choices she now makes will determine the course of her eternity.

In 2012, the Faulkner SOCIETY announced that Virginia’s NOVEL in progress, BORNE FROM THE CUTOFF, was a short-list finalist in the  William Faulkner-William Wisdom Competition, and DINNER AT HOUMAS HOUSE was a semi-finalist.

In 2011, Virginia’s  novella LIFE ON HOLD was a finalist for the Faulkner Medal for unpublished LITERARY fiction.  She is now negotiating the process of donating BORNE to a NONPROFIT organization that will utilize publication revenues to fund the administration of philanthropic PROGRAMS designed to help the needy and enhance our physical and SOCIAL Earth.

She continues to write, co-author, and ghostwrite nonfiction, literary fiction, and short STORIES.