Novels, Nonfiction, and Ghostwriting


Virginia utilizes her love of the South as inspiration for all her novels. Drawing upon her own life experiences, as well as those of her father and ancient grandfather.

These master storytellers passed down the oral history of her family and the land that once provided her ancestors’ sustenance. It was a land both treasured and revered for the cruelties of nature. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, hurricanes and flooding were part of life—feast and famine. The South can also be a place of race and class disparity. All these life experiences set the tone for novels about the true South. That is, real people—not stereotypes, and real places many can only dream about… sometimes, though, it’s a nightmare. Click here for more information about the books Virginia has written, and read an excerpt.


Virginia’s first nonfiction appeared in a magazine about horses. She wrote about training personalities. How they treated their horses, how they became so successful. She went on to write everything from ads, press releases, white papers… any kind of writing work she could get her hands on.

From a plethora of corporate marketing material, to personality articles, to special event scripts, it was a long wait for the right opportunity to write a nonfiction book.

When she finally took a stab at writing narrative nonfiction… the result was a respectable placement in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom competition for her manuscript GEORGE. Click here for more information about the nonfiction Virginia has written, and read an excerpt.


Oh, my! Write something and let another person get the credit? After writing articles, business plans, and grants for projects that required another’s by-line, Virginia finally got her chance to write a book for a client who had something to say about the Catholic Church. It wouldn’t get her a by-line, but taking the notes and diary of someone else’s life, and creating a real book was one of the most exciting projects of her life.

Then, another chance came with the writing of Chocolate Heals… Life is Sweet. Still no by-line, but this book would become one of her most beloved projects. A woman who overcame cancer had a story to tell—one of inspiration, of hope, of how to get through the day when the world seems to collapse with bad news. This… this was a joy to write. Click here for more information about the ghostwriting Virginia has written, and read an excerpt.

Marcía Williams

When I was diagnosed with breast cancer, it was important for me to keep a journal. As I wrote down my thoughts and what was keeping me motivated and inspired, I realized that my coping methods may be an inspiration to others. But, what I didn’t know how to do was put together all those thoughts, stories, and recipes into a form that would touch and encourage others.

I didn’t know where to begin, but after meeting with Virginia, I knew that she would be the best partner for me at this critical time of my life. She listened and pulled together an amazing book. The best part is that I could completely trust her to represent exactly what I wanted to communicate and how I wanted to say it. 

~ Marcía Williams, “Chocolate Heals, Life is Sweet; Seven Quick Bites for Licking Tough Times”

Scripts for Special Events and Videos

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Writing for an Olympic World Record holder… the nation’s first family… an award-winning journalist… what fun! I’ll let the pictures and videos speak for themselves. Click here for more information about the Scripts for Special Events and Videos Virginia has written, and see pictures and videos.

Virginia’s work as our scriptwriter has been amazing. We don’t have to provide her with very much. She does the research needed to provide the detail that makes her work great. Her creativity has been a real asset. Whether it’s scripts for videos about our nation’s heroes, fundraising events with celebrities, or nonprofit conferences, she always seems to strike the perfect chord.

Tammy Franklin-Davis 
Ward & Ames Special Events

Conquering the Query Monster

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Even the best writers find writing a good query letter the most challenging obstacle they face—more like facing a formidable Sampson. And selecting the right agents to query? Among over a thousand? Time to go with a pro. Click here for more information about Conquering the Query Monster.