After fifteen years in Corporate America as a highly sought-after process reengineer, Virginia got back to her passion—writing.  She had earned a degree in International Trade & Finance at Louisiana State University, where she was a Dean’s List student at Dr. Loren Scott’s nationally acclaimed Economics Department, but it was writing that made her heart sing.  It had since she was a freshman and received an A for a paper in a creative writing course.

In the beginning, Virginia worked on novels only as time permitted.  She wrote for television and radio, and soon started getting requests for magazine ghostwriting.  Then a public relations firm needed help with marketing pieces for various clients.  Those parts of her business were so well received that soon she was also writing scripts for major corporate events and videos, and successful grant applications for nonprofits.  

When her first novel was finished, she entered it into the prestigious Faulkner-Wisdom competition for literary fiction.  Placing as a short-list finalist was more than she could have dreamed of for a first novel.

She would go on to write nonfiction and fiction as a ghost, and write her next book.  Another short-list finalist… then a finalist… but she couldn’t get an agent to read her manuscript until she CONQUERed THE QUERY MONSTER

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