Conquering the Query Monster

What a headache the querying process can be. As daunting and scary process as I’ve ever witnessed in this world of writing. How do you determine the best agents to query for your genre? How do you find out where to reach them, and how? Do they want you to send only a query letter? What type of synopsis, if any? Some number of sample pages?

And more than anything, how do you compose a query letter that will speak to their specific needs? And emphasize your highest and best qualifications?

Then, after you’ve figured out all those details… then comes the MONSTER TASK! The process of creating and individualizing all those dozens of letters for snail mail or email. Did you know some agents insist on something specific in the Subject line of emails? Did you know that there are MANY dates and times you should NEVER query an agent? And, oh my, some of those online submission forms… really?

Yes, it can be an overwhelming process all for naught if you don’t even have the right query.

Already have a query letter? If you do, you can skip right down to the buttons below to see if you qualify for a discount on the CONQUERING THE QUERY MONSTER Complete Package. If not, you’re probably like me until I conquered my own QUERY MONSTER. I’ve read countless books and online articles on how to write the perfect queries, along with when and where to send them. I sent out thousands of queries (no exaggeration) based on the advice I found, but only received copies of generic rejections—ask my clients, and they’ll tell you the same. How possibly could I sell my manuscript if I couldn’t even get agents to read it?

That’s all behind me now. Why? Because I found a new mentor who told me I was doing it all wrong. But how could that be? All those books I read! All those hundreds of query samples from agents I studied online! How could this be? But he was right.

Now I can share with you the advice that landed me five offers for representation! Not only that, my CONQUERING THE QUERY MONSTER Complete Package handles the entire querying process for you. Saving you what could be hundreds of hours of wasted research effort and WEEKS of your time!

Virginia Tell was recommended by a top literary editor as a highly respected and accomplished professional capable of providing those services necessary to successfully reach the most highly sought-after agents. My personal experience far exceeded my highest expectations. Her two-way communications with authors results in the creation of a superior query and synopsis, and a great list of agents appropriate for my genre. Virginia Tell is fast, responsive and gets results. Within one hour she got a recognized author to read my manuscript for a blurb, and in two hours I got a query response from a great agent. I recommend her highly to any serious author seeking to be separated from the thousands of authors in search of a literary agent.

E. Muesch 

What to expect when you work with me? I handle the whole process.

From helping you writing a great synopsis… 

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… through the delivery of each letter, ready to be printed and slipped into an envelope, or copied into an email that comes directly from you.

WAIT! There’s more! I’ll also include an easy process for tracking your queries, plus instructions on how and what to respond when agents ask for writing samples and the complete manuscript.

You, too, can become a Sampson over the Query Monster.

But first, you have to MAKE THE CALL!