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On the Horizon

1. ON FLOODING LANDS is a caustic, yet delicately human, exposure of the consequences of bigotry and secrets. It’s the setting of The Prince of Tides meets the demise of The Last Paradise during The Great Mississippi River Flood of 1927. Overview: An egocentric mother threatens to destroy the simple Cajun girl her privileged son loves, and a hurricane threatens to destroy their mystical land. The couple must circumnavigate the woman's vicious plots and nature's cruelties if they are to survive. Click here for an excerpt.

2. DELUSIONS OF THE HUMAN KIND is a stark purview of the consequences of the choices we make in life—revisited once it’s too late. Overview: When an automobile accident leaves Ma'am teetering between life and death, the troubled writer must deal with the challenges and inner demons that plague her. The disembodied spirit of slave George comes in answer to her prayers for help to finish a book about his plantation home, and unveils the character and integrity of a tortured soul who, unlike Ma'am, learns how to use life's tragedies to become a better man. The choices she now makes will determine the course of her eternity. Click here for an excerpt.


1. The Faulkner Society short-listed Virginia’s BORNE FROM THE CUTOFF in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Competition for literary fiction. 

2. LIFE ON HOLD was a finalist for the literary fiction Faulkner Medal. Click here for an excerpt. Virginia the “nonfiction novel” writing approach Capote created for In Cold Blood. Click here for an excerpt.

3. DINNER AT HOUMAS HOUSE was a semi-finalist in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Competition for literary fiction. Click here for an excerpt.​


GEORGE was short-listed in the William Faulkner-William Wisdom Competition for narrative nonfiction. Click here for an excerpt.​


Is your idea for a book one of scandal? Click here for an excerpt of the book Virginia Tell wrote for a client who wanted to address the denigration of women in the Catholic Church, and how the early church’s lies about Mary Magdalene led to the secreted, illegal actions of the clergy and church administration throughout history. The book asserts that its policies of lying and cover-up led to the recent decline of the Catholic Church.

Or maybe your book is about spirituality and inspiration? Click here for an excerpt of the upbeat, fun, self-help guide for rough days, a book Virginal Tell wrote for a cancer survivor. Chocolate Heals… Life is Sweet includes simple party suggestions and recipes, ideas on how to let your words improve your mood, and advice on how to guide family and friends to allow them to become your greatest asset. Click here to purchase a copy.

Do you have a story of suspense, like Virginia’s LIFE ON HOLD? Intrigue? Love and/or loss? Whatever your goal for a novel, whatever your subject of nonfiction, you can be sure that Virginia will use the appropriate approach for your book. If you like, she can even write it in your voice, as she did for Marcia Williams’ Chocolate Heals… Life is Sweet.

Whether your information is in notes, essays, research papers, individual stories, or still in your head, don’t worry. Just take the first step. Send an email to VirginiaTell (at) VirginiaTell (dot) com with a brief overview of your project, and whammo, the process of fulfilling your dream begins!​