Scripts for Special Events and Videos

Writing shows and videos about folks such as Michael Phelps, the Bush family, and the Admiral who captured Bin Laden, are among Virginia’s greatest honors. Writing for nonprofits is so very rewarding, and, oh the fun involved with writing for a Hollywood actor and an Edward R. Murrow Award winner! But rather than drown you in words, have a look-see!

- Texas Children’s Hospital Legends Events (links coming soon)

- MD Anderson Cancer Center 75th Anniversary Celebration—Script for Show (link coming soon)

- Texas High School Coaches Association Annual Conference

Virginia’s work as our scriptwriter has been amazing. We don’t have to provide her with very much. She does the research needed to provide the detail that makes her work great. Her creativity has been a real asset. Whether it’s scripts for videos about our nation’s heroes, fundraising events with celebrities, or nonprofit conferences, she always seems to strike the perfect chord.

Tammy Franklin-Davis 
Ward & Ames Special Events

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